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  Hello my name is Ben, but a lot of people call me "tie-dye guy" so call me whatever you want. I have a lot of interests so there will be a lot of links throughout my pages. My main interests are 1.Being a Christian 2. Fencing(the swordplay type), 3. Piano, 4. Guild Wars (my name is Gerard Amber Prince), 5. Training a falcon,6. Learning Ninjitsu ,and 7.MAKING WEB PAGES! This page is an index provided for your convenience and is mostly a link to my other pages. This page will also be used for miscellaneous things that I find I like.

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This is about the interests of the author. NOTE: The opinions of the author may be different from yours. This doesn't mean I am right and you are wrong, everyone is allowed to have there own opinions.(Including Me)